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Samsung HL-T5087SA Rear Projection DLP Red LED failure

Two red LEDS side by side, the one on the right has burnt out.


Turned out the failure was related to the red LED.

My son and I were watching television recently and the picture went out. I power cycled the unit and noticed the red portion of the color was gone. I knew this was an indication of a hardware failure because the menus and settings were also affected.

I called Samsung and they claimed my TV only had a 1 year warranty, I've had my set for 15 months. (Oddly I remember the salesman claiming that the light engine should last 20K hours).

I did some research and found a trend with this type of failure. Samsung runs the red LED out of spec to get a more crisp image.

Why do I assume this? Only the red LED has its own fan.


I decided to purchase the part and repair my TV myself.

Samsung HL-T5087SA Red LED Part number BP07-00029A

Photos with captions of the repair


This is the back of the TV.


Example of broken greenish blue hue image


Another example of a broken RED LED


This is the front of the TV.


Remove the screws that hold the bottom back plate on.


The screws look like that


There are ten screws that hold the bottom back plate on.


Now you can see inside the TV.


You need to remove the light engine. It slides out if you unscrew here ...


And here ...


See, I pulled it out about 4 inches, but some of the wiring is still connected ...


You need to unplug this cable.


I make it look easy.


Also, unplug this cable.


Unplug with a gentle hand.


One more! ...


Grab and ...




Yay, now you should be able to slowly slide out the light engine, be careful, this is the most expensive part!


Another view at the light engine.


This is the part number that failed.


This is the new tiny red LED.


$100 part that caused all my issues.


To access the red LED you must remove the 80mm fan on the right of the light engine block.


Remove the bottom two screws.


And there is the red LED's heat sink


We are going to need to clean up the heat sink and reapply thermal paste on the new LED.


I don't do heroin ... That is thermal paste silly!


Before we can work on the LED we need to remove the heat sync shield... Remove that screw ...


And that screw ...


And those screws ...


And both of those screws !


Now the shield should slowly slide off!


That is a better view of the red heat sink.


You need to remove the 4 screws holding it down.


Closeup of the heat sink


The LED to the the right was overheated and burnt out... $100 part.


Empty LED "port".


Make sure you clean off the old thermal paste and gingerly apply some new stuff!


Place the LED and heat sink back together


Put the heat sink shield back on.


Re-install the 80mm red LED fan.


Plug the two LED wires back into the LED board.


Tidy up the wires, use the cable management!


Bye- ...


... BYE! light engine!


Slowly slide the engine back in place.


Plug all the leads back in that were disconnected.


Plug all the leads back in that were disconnected.


I would test before putting the back plate on.


A job well done! w00t!

Update: I had to do this repair again, same red LED...

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replace led 11:56 AM 07-22-2011
replace led 11:58 AM 07-22-2011

I just had the same problem with my 61" samsung. Ordered the led, and replaced it using this excellent guide. Thanks for the help with this. Your pictorial narrative was right on the money! It took me about an hour.

foxhop 11:35 PM 07-22-2011

I'm VERY glad to have helped! Thank you for your feedback. : )

snevets 07:00 PM 08-03-2011

Hello. I have a question for you. I have a Samsung HL-T5087S. On Sunday I turned on my TV, it powered on fine, but there is a green tint to my screen. I have encountered forums where users talk about a red or blue tint. I am curious, does this mean that I need to replace the green LED display? I have found the part at samsungparts.com, but I want to make sure that if I take apart my TV, that I have the correct component.

Also, what was the level of difficulty in doing this? I have assembled a PC before from scratch, how does this compare? Thank you for any feedback or assistance.

foxhop 05:10 PM 08-04-2011

@snevets, if your display appears with a green tint then the green LED seems fine.

The absence of red causes the green tint.

When the red LED fails the display has a green tint because of the lack of red color spectrum.

Replacing the red LED on this television is comparable to replacing the CPU on a computer.

This repair took me a little less than 1 hour to complete.

This includes the time I took to document the repairs with photographs.

I have had around 5 users complete this repair using my guide, and no failures!

Good luck!

snevets 05:32 PM 08-04-2011

So I should order the Red LED and not the green?

foxhop 10:51 PM 08-04-2011


Correct, your green LED appears functional. Either your red or blue LED faulty.

I'm confident that your TV's red LED has failed based on your description.

snevets 07:25 PM 08-16-2011

You can now claim to be 6 for 6. Great instructions. Not that difficult. Took less than an hour. Thanks again.

foxhop 10:39 AM 08-20-2011

Awesome! Thanks for the update and congratulations on your successful repair!

millera0 06:17 PM 08-26-2011

I have same TV, same problem (missing red color) except also that the screen flickered every two seconds. Same fix. Update the count to 7 for 7. Thanks for the post and level of detail. Piece of cake. Worst part was having to hit up 2 RadioShacks to get the thermal compound. Thanks again!

oligodoc 10:06 PM 09-11-2011

Same deal -- 4 yer old set and my son and I watching when identical problem occurred! Ordered the parts , followed your excellent instructions and repaired in time for the college game this last Saturday. THANK YOU so much for this post.

foxhop 05:31 PM 09-12-2011


You are very welcome! I'm sure in the future if you do a task, you will document it for others to learn from too.

: P

Congrats on the repair

mrf 02:47 PM 10-23-2011

Fantastic walk-through - add another success to your board! Thanks!

foxhop 10:31 PM 10-23-2011


: ) thanks! I do what I can!

travis 01:30 AM 11-20-2011

i have the sames TV. It powers up, but no picture, only flashing lights on the bottom front of TV. It starts trying to power up the LED and a single green on the right a few times, then all 3 blink a few times including the red light. I have a feeling it's the LED engine. have you heard of these symptoms for only a LED itself. I recently had to replace the fan on back of the red LED before this happened. If anyone has any info, i would greatly appreciate.

denny 08:26 AM 12-14-2011

I have a HL-T5687S LED DLP TV. Suddenly one evening, everyone turned green. The flag is now black, white and blue. I am 90% confident it is the red LED. But, where do I find the part number for the LED for this set and where can you then buy them? TIA for any info.

lolomite 03:58 PM 01-03-2012

Hi, I will be attempting this fix today or tomorrow but I'm pretty inexperienced with electronics. Where specifically do I apply the thermal paste? I'm assuming I put it where the LED and heat sink make contact. Thank you!

lolomite 01:37 PM 01-04-2012

8 for 8, Thanks for the great instructions!

foxhop 03:51 PM 01-04-2012

@lolomite Congrats on the repair!

You should donate to foxhop.net here

zorb847 09:29 PM 01-04-2012

First of all, let me thank you for leaving such an informative post - this is what I have been searching for! But before I blow $100+ on a chip, I would like to make sure that it definitely bad. If I put my fluke in diode test mode across the the two large pins of red led, disconnected from circuit, I get infinite reading both ways. Green led reads infinite in one direction and 1.24 the other way. I must assume that the red diode is bad - correct? Thanks in advance - will keep you posted.

lefty 02:59 PM 01-08-2012

What an amazing fix-it video - hope I can find it again when I have a problem.

sam2275 12:36 PM 01-14-2012

I am having the same issue with my TV. I took it to a repair shop ($25.00 to look at it) before I found this post. He told me the problem is the red led and the power supply. I don't want to pay $350 for parts and labor to fix my TV. Based on your directions I am pretty confident my brother-in-law and I can replace the red led. How hard is it to replace the power supply?

zorb847 09:50 AM 01-16-2012

Ok - another one fixed, you are 9 for 9. It was easy to do and I found the LED on Ebay for $95.00. Thankd for the guide!

foxhop 12:57 PM 01-16-2012
I have not replaced the power supply. Sorry. Anyone else want to chime in?
Congrats on the repair.
stevekent 08:21 PM 02-12-2012

Where can I buy a replacement LED, the RED one.

adawnjay 09:16 PM 02-14-2012

Ok my tv has a green tint but when say someone wearing a red shirt comes on it is real bright so would mine b the same issue?

portev88 12:06 AM 03-28-2012

I also have the Green tint but red shows up pretty good, I ordered the red led anyway , do you think this will fix it still if red shows up or do i need the blue one and if so what part number is that?

sstrath 07:02 PM 08-08-2012

Not sure what the count is; but chalk me up as another successful repair. Perfect walkthrough! A thought to add: have a vaccuum handy; misght be dusty in there!

foxhop 11:07 PM 08-13-2012

Congrats @sstrath

I agree with the vacuum. I clean everything I could when I did this repair.

simonidogs 04:55 PM 09-08-2012

I replaced the red light. Now my tv has the red back, but its very blotche green. And the ideal screen is green.

colideoscopic 08:26 PM 09-26-2012

Thank you so much for this guide - when our tv went blue/green and I started looking on the net it was evident I had the red LED issue. Followed your instructions above to the letter and I'm happy to say the tv is now working perfectly again! Took just under an hour to do, and this was my first attempt at tv repair. Thanks again!!!

les apt 11:04 PM 10-22-2012

I would suggest a slight revision for re-assembly of the LED and the heat sink: Don't attempt to adhere them together via the heat sink compound. This just makes a mess and increases the possibility of fogging the LED light with smeared compound. Rather, I would suggest that you connect the wires to the LED FIRST. Then, assemble the LED onto the two little posts onto which it mounts. Yes, there is a clocking position that must be observed. Only then would I apply the compound to the LED and THEN screw the heat sink back onto the mounting surface; the mating of the heat sink to the LED is a secondary occurance of re-mounting the heat sink. It happens as soon as you re-mount the heat sink, so there is really no need for the separate step of "gluing" the two items together, as outlined above.

foxhop 12:56 AM 10-25-2012

@les apt

Absolutely correct. This is absolutely how I did it.

christine 11:00 AM 12-05-2012

We bought a Samsung LED television five years ago and it suddenly lost the Blue LED. A qualified repair man just told me the blue LED is no longer available so therefore our five year old TV is "un-repairable". WOW! He says he tried to get the part but no one has them. Is there anyone here who can confirm his claim? Thanks in advance! Christine

david7268 08:02 AM 01-28-2013

Christine, the part number for the blue is BP07-00031A. Search online. It's still available.

col_hemi 02:14 PM 02-26-2013

i have the 61" dlp led and when i first turn it on after being off for a day every thing is OK. ill leave it on for APX 1 hr. turn it off then on again and every thing is blue?

arlas1024 03:54 PM 03-12-2013

im a little bit confused the tint on my tv is red. do i have to order a blue or green led? or isit just one part? thank you

foxhop 10:26 AM 03-19-2013

Basically your TV will tint a certain color when there is a lack of another color. In my case the TV "tinted" to a green/blue so I knew there was a lack of red. In your case the lack of green or blue color is causing a red tint.

I would suggest taking the TV apart to determine which LED (red, green, or blue) is causing the issue. Then you can do some research for the part number is price on the Internet.

msp2784 03:02 PM 04-14-2013

thanks for the instructions. Tried fixing my blue led display today. Chip went in fine. Think I tugged on the side piece to hard at the beginning. that part is loose and now I can't even get a picture. Think it would have worked too. Dam shame.

dishman 08:16 PM 04-30-2013

I just fixed my broken red LED in my Samsung tv today, thanks for making it so easy here, great pictorials! My picture was flickering AND only showing blue and green and was a little concerned about the flicker part...but no problem, the picture looks great and no flicker!! Thanks again.

foxhop 09:31 PM 05-02-2013

@dishman You are very welcome! It is nice to see that my documentation has been used several times over the years!

stinersc 12:51 PM 07-01-2013

Which one is the blue LED, next to the red or the other one.

stinersc 12:54 PM 07-01-2013

For the Samsung HL-T5087SA

yamaha65 02:13 PM 10-24-2013

Hi I followed your advice to the letter. When we tested the repair before I put the cover on, it worked perfectly and we were so excited. when i put the cover on and buttoned everything up and turned it back on it was green again. I'm so dissappointed. Do you have any idea of what could be knocking the red chip out?

snevets 02:34 PM 11-18-2013

I'm back again. I successfully replaced the Red LED chip two years ago. Now, the color is off on my TV again. Does anyone know the lifespan of these chips? Also, I can see red in things on TV (NBC logo for example). I am guessing that it's either the Blue or Green chip this time. Anyone care to take a guess?

kristin 11:34 PM 06-07-2014

sir Foxhop, it's only been 6 months and the Samsung Smart LED TV i bought is acting weird. only 3 or so minutes after turning on the TV, the entire screen turns a solid green,red,blue,white,black and just cycles like that while the audio is just normal. I had to just turn off the tv to prevent myself from throwing the remote on the screen. What could have caused this and is my Tv salvageable. i would really appreciate it if you could reply. thanks for a very helpful thread.. - Kristin

foxhop 07:46 PM 06-15-2014

@kristin sorry this guide and my repair experience is with the rear projection and DLP televisions. The Smart LED TV seems to be a flat wall mount style LCD television and has completely different components and issues. Sorry I cannot be of more help.

pepgirl45 11:07 AM 10-05-2014
pepgirl45 11:15 AM 10-05-2014

I have a HL-T5087S DLP and I do not have an issue with color. When I turn the tv on I get a Mosiac pattern. I can change channels and I get sound. If I turn the tv off and on two or three times the picture comes in and plays great. I did a test for the DMD board and it checked ok. I suspect the main board more than the DMD board. The main board is difficult to find. Can I use the main board from HL-T5687S?

foxhop 09:09 AM 12-17-2014

Just an update, I had to do this repair again ... same color, red LED failed...

A month later I started to see white dots on the screen which look like stars. This is a DLP DMD chip issue where the little mirrors get stuck. I currently have 12 imperfections.

I really don't want to spend much more money on this TV set. I don't mind the 12 dots but I don't want it to get worse, I'm trying to research if there is anything I can do to prevent more mirrors from getting stuck, like pulling the light engine out and replacing just the thermal paste on the DMD chip.

foxhop 09:38 AM 12-17-2014

This is a known issue of DMD chips, not a bad batch, check out this patent Douglas J. Weaver from Texas Instruments created for a method of un-sticking the tiny mirrors ... http://www.google.com/patents/US5717513

dlp50s 10:51 AM 01-31-2015

This is great! Thanks for sharing!

I have a HL-T5087S. Have had the tv since 2008 with no issues. All of a sudden when we turn on the first thing in the AM there is a red tint to the screen. This happens on all inputs. HDMI, composite, component, on the menu screen. We just turn the TV off and then back on. Does this mean that the blue and green are going bad?

tennischik 02:05 PM 02-14-2015

Ok so I bought the part, did everything above - thank you for your detailed instructions - and when I turned it back on it was still green. Heart breaking! The red LED didn't look too blown out. Any suggestions why it would still be green? Thanks!

ec-10 tank 01:00 AM 03-27-2015

I followed similar instructions on another forum and then found yours after. Awesome tutorial!! Much better than the one I went with LOL @tennischik I had the same issue, then I suddenly remembered that there was a small 2-wire cable and plug that was supposed to be re-inserted into the new LED chip and.... I totally forgot to plug it in. I tore it back apart and plugged in that tiny little cable and then AWESOME COLOR! I hope this helps :)

foxhop 08:41 PM 04-04-2015

@ec-10 tank - great work!

Yeah I used my own tutorial above to replace my red LED AGIAN!!!! yes same LED failed...

Got it working beautifully and then 2 months later DLP chip started failing... now I have a great assortment (like 150+) "flees" and "stars". I'm tossing around the idea of replacing the DLP chip (~$230) but I think I might buy another TV. The DLP replacement is slightly more difficult then the LED replacement, it involves a calibration step to get the projected image into position of the screen. My family has been ~dealing~ with broken pixels for the last 3 months... I'm nearly at my wits end...

I'm wondering if it would be worth it to part out my working parts... or if I should just fix the issue and get another couple years out of the set...

armngir 10:12 AM 03-10-2016

Hello, my HLT5687S has the same problem. The red led light is gone and I've been trying to order BP07-00029A for the past 3 months and finally Samsung says they no longer makes the part. How can I can this part? I would appreciate your help.

phillyblunz 01:47 PM 03-15-2016

Hi Guys! I have owned a 61" HLT-6189sx since 2007 and have been using it pretty much everyday and its treated me exceptionally in every way to date! Just wanted to balance the negativity with some positive news that some of these sets do seem to last very well, yes even the Red LED.

My wifes friend had the 67" HL-67A750 LED DLP and I been counting the years until she was done with it, well it broke down on her and she was gonna toss it in the garbage so I scooped it up.

Symptoms were the set would not turn on, but it was trying to. The 3 cycles then 3 blinking lights on the front thing we hear so often.

After troubleshooting for a bit I determined it was the power supply for the LED board, it had 320VDC going to it, but no 16VDC coming out to feed the LED driver board.

I lucked out and called a local electronic shop yesterday and would you believe he had a brand new LED power supply sitting on his shelf? I can tell its new as the caps are original and not buldged and the color of the board is like light mustard, the board I replaced looked like old dried up mustard from heat. The guy was cool and sold it to me at his cost as he was just glad to finally get rid of it!!

I now understand much more about the operation of these sets and how rare they are becoming, most repair parts will come from used sets and many probably have already begun developing issues.

Armnigir I called Samsungparts the other day and they still had these LED's, they quoted me a price for the Blue one.

I am in Alberta Canada, if anyone around here has one of these tv's that needs to be looked at or if they just want to get rid of it let me know, I would be interested.

To the OP, that is a nice guide you made there, well done. I am sure many people feel much better getting in there with your tutorial.

So please anyone feel free to ask questions or let me know if you got one headed to the dump and we'll figure something out.

Cheers guys!

phillyblunz 03:21 PM 03-15-2016

Oh here is a link to an ebay.com seller of the LED's. But I haven't bought any so cant vouch for the seller. http://www.ebay.com/sch/items/?_nkw=Samsung+Hl61a750a1+Red+Led+Bp07-00029a,+Bp07-00017a&_sacat=&_ex_kw=&_mPrRngCbx=1&_udlo=&_udhi=&_sop=12&_fpos=&_fspt=1&_sadis=&LH_CAds=&rmvSB=true

I talked to Samsung parts and they said the HLT and HL series of LED DLP's use the same LED's, though early in production the HLT series had earlier versions.

I am glad i have two of these sets, eventually I will part out one to fix the other, lol.

foxhop 11:42 AM 03-16-2016

Very cool Phillyblunz - I'm glad you found the guide useful and took the time to describe your situation.

Yes, tearing the TV set apart is one of the huge perks of rear projection DLP / LCD / LED sets. Its unfortunate that the market has shifted to just "thin" monitors and displays, it makes getting parts in the future troublesome.

I'm going to be really sad when my "flat screen" LCD display fails and I can't fix it.

You can also checkout craigslist for these types of models to find sets to part out.

stewartd4 07:25 PM 06-08-2016

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! we ordered this part and with your exceptional tutorial had the tv back to normal in less than 45 minutes!

foxhop 12:41 AM 07-11-2016

w00t +1 @ stewartd4 - I honestly cannot believe this page still continues to help people. : )

Keep on fixing things, keep on sharing, keep on learning, keep on growing!!!

rlkocher 10:18 AM 05-23-2017

Add another one to your list!! Replaced my Red LED yesterday. TV actually even looks brighter and sharper than it did before. The part is hard to find since they stopped making them. I found a used one on Ebay for $90.

norash12@live.com 09:02 PM 05-29-2017

Have a Samsung dlp hl67a750 with no blue. I've replaced the blue led , dma bd and led driver board with no luck. In trying to debug this Ive put the blue led power leafs to the green led and green led lites up. I've tried both the green and red led power leads to the blue led but all I get is a flash of blue lite then nothing which is the same results when using the blue led power leads. I asleep tested the blue lead with a 9v battery and it works. Is the led shot.?

christopher 05:43 PM 02-19-2018

I have a newer generation TV HL61A750 fearing that it is going to start to have issues because I love this TV, does the installation work the same way?

jimh 11:15 PM 04-01-2018

Another Samsung repaired by replacing the red LED. The instructions and photos were extremely helpful and I never would have tackled the repair without them. Some of the cable clips need to be "pinched" in order to pull them and this is much easier with needle nose pliers. Otherwise, the instructions were spot on. Apparently the red LED is no longer manufactured by Samsung so they are much harder to find and the price has gone up. Capitalism supply and demand seems to be at work. I paid nearly $200 for a new LED on ebay. There were some used ones for sale but I'd worry that they will just burn out much sooner.

harvey813 11:27 AM 06-01-2018

Purchase at Mouser Electronics.com search part by entering -120 in the search bar. Then click on LED Lighting Modules LOOK FOR THE RED AMBER LIGHT. You can also purchase the CBT-90-RX-L15-BN101 this is not as bright but only real techs will notice the change in the picture. The more costly part is the OEM spec led here is the part #'s PT-120-RAX-L15-MPK; PT-120-RAX-L15-MPH;CBT-90-RX-L15-BM100. Like I said before the CBT-90 led is the cheaper led with that said it's best to purchase these led brand new DONT FORGET THERMAL PASTE FOR THE HEAT SINK OR YOU WILL BUYING ANOTHER LED IN LEES THEN 2YRS! Before I go let me remind you to search in mouser.com by placing -90 ob -120 then clicking on LED LIGHTING MODULES you can find all colors RED, BLUE, GREEN.

harvey813 11:27 AM 06-01-2018

Purchase at Mouser Electronics.com search part by entering -120 in the search bar. Then click on LED Lighting Modules LOOK FOR THE RED AMBER LIGHT. You can also purchase the CBT-90-RX-L15-BN101 this is not as bright but only real techs will notice the change in the picture. The more costly part is the OEM spec led here is the part #'s PT-120-RAX-L15-MPK; PT-120-RAX-L15-MPH;CBT-90-RX-L15-BM100. Like I said before the CBT-90 led is the cheaper led with that said it's best to purchase these led brand new DONT FORGET THERMAL PASTE FOR THE HEAT SINK OR YOU WILL BUYING ANOTHER LED IN LEES THEN 2YRS! Before I go let me remind you to search in mouser.com by placing -90 ob -120 then clicking on LED LIGHTING MODULES you can find all colors RED, BLUE, GREEN.

panther14 08:29 PM 05-15-2020

I have a HLT5087SAX/XAA TV. It will not show a picture. Sometimes the sound will come on, but no picture. I talked to a technician who said that the LED Driver board was probably bad, so I ordered one from Ebay. It worked a couple of times then the same thing. The TV will has power but no picture. It will try to cycle through but continues to fail. When it was coming on it would sometimes have a green screen, but if we turned it off and back on it would come on with color again. I am reading all the posts above and wonder if it is the power supply to the LED driver board that may need replaced or the red LED? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I actually ordered a 2nd LED driver board from EBAY and it too allowed the TV to come on after a few tries but then eventually after we turned it off, it would not show a picture again. Have I ruined these LED driver boards, or if I replaced the power supply board would they still work? Thank you!

foxhop 04:11 PM 06-19-2020

panther14 I'm honestly not sure. My set is in my basement collecting dust.

If anyone needs parts, let me know and I'll ship them t(you pay shipping). https://russell.ballestrini.net/contact/

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