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Vim Tips and Tricks

As I learn more about vim, I plan to document the tips and tricks I learn here.

how to set tab to 4 spaces in vim

Add the following into your .vimrc file:

set tabstop=4
set shiftwidth=4
set expandtab

how to highlight spelling errors

set spell spelllang=en_us

vimdiff or hg merge

This is a list of some common commands when using vimdiff:

ctrl w (twice)
switch windows

diff obtain, take the other window's differences. Pull the change.

diff put, give the other window our differences. Push the change.

move focus to previous difference.

move focus to next difference.

diff update

:diffget <window number>
get changes from specified window number and place them into current window.

:diffput <window number>
put changes from current window into specified window number.

open folded text

close folded text


bgolemon 02:05 PM 03-27-2011

You should take a look at my vimrc here. It solves some common annoyances without changing the way vim works much.

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