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Create on a deleted page

Create on a deleted page should set the deleted flag to false and create a new revision based on the create textarea on submit.

Sortable page lists

give the ability to sort by:

  • active (sorted by edited date ascending)
  • newest (sorted by page creation date ascending?)
  • oldest (sorted by page creation date descending?)
  • alphabet (ascending and descending)
  • on tab change account to accounts or users.

Embed flash videos

We need to be able to embed flash videos much like the images declaration.

Update: We have added the youtube directive for video embedding.

Ajax edit submissions

Code each edit form to use ajax to send data to the webserver. The user interactions will be more smooth without page reloads.

Upload attachments

UPDATE: We have implemented a very quick and dirty file upload attachment feature. I would like to revisit this feature to make it more robust...

The barf pyramid project has a very nice flat file and database system!

Attachments themselves should not be stored in the database, only the meta data and a pointer to a flat file system.

Applecore vaults uses oracle for meta data on models and drawings.

64 dirs with 64 dirs in each, maybe 20 or so files in each dir would grant space for 81,920 files in the wiki.

The data would be tar'd up during regular db backups. The DB would house all the meta data about the files.

vault meta table:

int id str location (/12/23/03) 12th dir, 23 dir, 03 file str file_type (pdf, csv, jpg, png, mp3) str save_name (wedding.jpg) str description int related page

Should pages have tags?

  • Should pages have tags?
  • How would categories or tags be useful?
  • Do people use tags for navigation?

Canned themes

Create a few canned themes so show off the design possibilities of Pylowiki.

I plan to place pylowiki into the fluid 960 css framework to motivate others as well as myself into creating custom themes/skins

Status: I created an entry point for custom CSS sheets in the base.mako custom-style.css ... Pylowiki was placed into the fluid 960 css framework! AN ENTRY POINT FOR THEMES HAS BEEN BUILT AND NOW WE HAVE 2 THEMES!

  • default theme
  • ChaosTheory (foxhop.net is using this one)

How to Pylowiki

Create a few articles to explain how to:

  • Download
  • Install
  • Configure
  • Deploy
  • Update
  • Extend



Forgot password email logic...


Authentication options

  • Create module for ldap / active directory authentication (asset management system implemented LDAP auth)
  • Create module for openid authentication
  • Create module for facebook auth (http://four2go.gumyum.com)
  • Create module for twitter auth
  • Create a way for users to link multiple auth methods to access the same pylowiki account/user


foxhop 08:54 PM 10-08-2010

See!? We now have page comments! It was pretty simple to create the logic. Most of the work was already in place for the core wiki application!

foxhop 09:03 PM 10-08-2010

Showing off this new comment section

bgolemon 02:32 PM 03-27-2011

Very nice looking site. I wish I could comment inline, ala hgbook.

Regarding tags: full-text search will be much more useful. I'm not sure how you might pull that off though, other than providing hooks for lucene.

Hierarchy, on the other hand, is completely necessary, both for organizing large knowledge bases, and for very large teams that require privacy in certain cases. This is assuming that you're willing to allow Access Control Lists in Pylowiki. Mediawiki objects to this in prinicple.

foxhop 03:20 PM 03-27-2011

Full text search is supported for mysql only. give it a try (search kvm, libvirt,sample or todo)

At this point we only have authed users and guests. No other acls yet.

I'm excited to finally get some support with ideas! Please branch Pylowiki on bitbucket and I'll merge any cool patches you might build.

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