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Birth Lottery

ISBN: 978-1-4681-2154-4

Author: Susan Nance Carhart

Astronomical Odds (Third Flatiron Anthologies Book

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First sentence, hooked.

fashionable nose

Fashionable is a GREAT word here because it compiles everything we know about the fashion industry and the people who follow it. Also suggests that people in this universe can change their noses like we in this universe can change our sweaters.

new outfit

See, I was right about fashion word. : ) Now you as an author made me feel smart as a reader. That is one of the most important skills.


This name always reminds me of Felix the cat and his magical bag of holding.

treatments could be lengthy and inconvenient

I dream of the day when cancer is just a minor inconvenience.

He paraphrased it with authority, as if he had done the research himself

I don't like Felix anymore. I tried to like him even though he was a mod, but now I just feel like he's got that aggressive jock know-it-all attitude.

hardly deserving the name of parents!

I can't eat dairy - I'm glad that I wasn't in this universe.

Dr. Sales

People judge each other by their eyes. It's very important that your little girl's eyes be as beautiful as we can make them. Don't you agree?"

Annnnnd this is what happens when a Dr is also a Sales person.

What parent would not want the best for their child?

OMG this is literally the University / College education bubble we are currently in. If everyone is modded, then its no longer unique or an important quality. If everyone has a degree it doesn't really matter, but you or your children are still in very deep debt with no means to repay it, a slave to the system.

They'll be Indigo Ocean eyes

feel like I want to scream "NO YOU FOOLS DON'T DO IT!" I'm a frugal person (stingy maybe even) so I find this ending delightfully painful that they just signed away their lives to this company in the hopes of giving a better future for their child. Great work, I enjoyed it!


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